This system developed by Bianna Sera’s I+D department and named “Remote Eye”, will provide an up-to-the minute service for incidents that occurred on treatment plants.

Bianna Sera will present an innovative communication system in IFAT 2018 (Múnich). This system aims to provide an up-to-the minute service for incidents that may occur on treatment plants thanks to the remote support of a qualified operator.

Costs and money saving

The Remote Eye allows overall to meet these two needs: time and money saving on facilities and equipment repair from a distance. On one hand, a high percentage of incidents are solved onsite thanks to the Bianna Sera’s technic support. On the other hand, this system reduces the travel costs for solving incidents on the ground.

How does it work?

The remote Eye glasses allow a plant operator to be guided by a Bianna Sera’s technic operator. The first one can visualize remotely the equipment in real time from his computer, and therefore guide the plant operator to solve the problem. This one can visualize in addition, part of the screen of Bianna Sera’s technic operator.

We are waiting for you in IFAT 2018 to give you more detailed information on this innovative system. Visit our web page and find all the required information about our presence in IFAT: equipment, location, contact, etc.